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Hiring HR Manager (Subsidiary Company)

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Human Resource Manager

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HR Manager در Mavarae Fonoon Asr

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Mavarae Fonoon Asr
 در سراسر کشور
Identifying, designing, conducting and controlling all HR Systems and processes. Identifying and monitoring human resource staff by recruiting, selecting, interviewing, orienting, and training employe...

می‌خوای کارپیشه، شما رو مستقیماً به کارفرما معرفی کنه؟

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HR Administrator

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HR Manager در Sarzamin Kharid (Daily Market)

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Sarzamin Kharid (Daily Market)
 در استان هرمزگان
- Presenting the performance report of the administrative units of the headquarters and regions on a monthly, quarterly, semi-annual and annual basis to calculate the KPI of the unit and the colleague...
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HR Manager در Zarin Plastic Nilgoon (Pilgon)

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Zarin Plastic Nilgoon (Pilgon)
 در سراسر کشور
Responsible for the recruitment, training and development of staff; administers salaries, pensions and benefits; and looks after the health, safety and welfare of all employees. Human Resources Manage...
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